Red Hat Challenge 2012

Knowledge based contest on Linux and Virtualization 

Red Hat Challenge 2012 is a regional knowledge based challenge aimed at creating a fun and educational opportunityfor students to showcase their knowledge about Linux and Virtualization. Going into the third year of the competition, this year’s contest will be open to students in Asia Pacific, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China.


The competition will include 3 rounds of contests:

  • Round 1 – Speed round conducted online. Students have to answer 100 multiple choice questions in 60 minutes.
  • Round 2 – Top 20 students of each country from round 1 will go through a face-to-face (or using video conferencing facilities) interview where they have to resolve a problem scenario provided by a Red Hat Certified Instructor within 30 minutes.
  • Round 3 (Final Round) – The 2 highest scoring students from each country will be travelling to Beijing to compete for the Red Hat Challenge 2012 Champion.

The competition will be spread into 3 rounds between October to December 2012. Confirmation of the timing will be advised at a later date. Registration will start in August. 

The champion of this year’s Red Hat Challenge will be walking away with exciting prizes including:

  • A Samsung Galaxy SIII
  • An internship program with Red Hat or training course by Red Hat
  • A Raspberry PI
  • A Trophy

The other finalists will also get a Raspberry PI, trophy and certification of participation.


We are expecting some 2000 students in the competition this year.

Red Hat Challenge 2012 (pdf)