I. Temporal / Mutliple-dimentional Databases

Skyline query processing has become an important feature in multi-dimensional, data-intensive applications.Such computations are especially challenging under dynamic conditions, when either snapshot queries need to be answered with short user response times or when continuous skyline queries need to be maintained efficiently over a set of objects that are frequently updated. To achieve high performance, we have recently designed the ESC algorithm, an Efficient update approach for Skyline Computations. ESC creates a pre-computed candidate skyline set behind the first skyline that facilitates an incremental, two-stage skyline update strategy which results in a quicker query response time for the user. Our demonstration presents the two-threaded SkyEngine system that builds upon and extends the base-features of the ESC algorithm with innovative, user-oriented functionalities that are termed SkyAlert and AutoAdjust. These functions enable a data or service provider to be informed about and gain the opportunity of automatically promoting its data records to remain part of the skyline, if so desired. The SkyEngine demonstration includes both a server and a web browser based client. Finally, the SkyEngine system also provides visualizations that reveal its internal performance statistics.

II.Spatio-temporal Databases / Location-based Services

The PLUS system is designed to efficiently track moving object locations on a road network and execute continuous spatial queries in support of location-based services. PLUS implements a novel lazy position update mechanism that significantly reduces the communication overhead and server indexing load related to frequent location updates in moving object and moving query scenarios. The contribution of this demo is to present how the lazy position update scheme can achieve message-efficiency under various conditions which can be interactively set via user-selectable parameters in a graphical user interface.

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